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Meet Dorothy

The Grandmother Who Left Her Corporate Job To Start A Bookkeeping Business That Lets Her Travel Anytime



After Dorothy’s corporate job disappeared, she had to find a new way to earn a living.

Using Bookkeeper Launch

She used the course to brush up on her bookkeeping skills, and she discovered how to stand out and attract great clients she loves to help.


Dorothy has 15 clients and total control over her income. Her work is 100% virtual, so she can travel and be with her grandkids or work from the Bahamas anytime she wants.

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

“My job went away…”

Dorothy worked in a corporate job for four years. Her employees regularly told her she was “The best manager they ever had”.

Despite being great at her job, she soon found herself unemployed.

Her company moved to North Carolina. Since Dorothy didn’t want to move there, she had no choice but to quit.

She started looking for new jobs in Florida, where she lived. But she soon decided that wasn’t for her. She didn’t want yet-another job that could disappear at any moment. Instead, she wanted more control over her income and career. As she says:

“I wasn’t going back to corporate America where they can let you go anytime…”


Dorothy shares her struggle before joining Bookkeeper Launch

“I wasn’t sure what to do…”

As she looked for a new career, Dorothy came across the Bookkeeper Launch workshop.

Dorothy always enjoyed working with numbers. And she saw bookkeeping as a great way to make a positive impact helping small business owners.

However, she knew there was a lot to growing a bookkeeping business that she didn’t know. She wasn’t sure how to set the business up, get clients, onboard clients, or get the books ready for a tax preparer.

Rather than figure it all out herself, she joined Bookkeeper Launch. Because it gave her a chance to learn from someone who had done already done it. And it gave her a proven step-by-step plan to follow.

“I joined Bookkeeper Launch because Ben was down to Earth… I felt I could trust him… He had been there, done that.”


Dorothy shares her struggle before joining Bookkeeper Launch

“I needed income…”

Dorothy’s goal was to make $500/month with bookkeeping. If she could do that, it would prove she had a real business.

Through Bookkeeper Launch, she learned how to do bookkeeping and she got a step-by-step plan on how to build her business.

One of the biggest business lessons for her was “picking a niche.” (This means focusing on helping a particular type of client. It helps you stand out and makes it easy to get referrals.)

At first, Dorothy thought she would be a bookkeeper for plumbers and tradesmen. But she realized she knew very little about their work. So she changed her niche and started to focus on helping real estate investors because she understood that world better.

“Before Bookkeeper Launch, I knew nothing about getting a niche. But I understand the reasoning… You can’t be a jack of all trades… You need a particular set of clients so you can say, “I’m a master at this. I know your situation.”

dorothy website

Dorothy’s website,

“I didn’t want to be pushy or salesy…”

Once Dorothy was clear on who she wanted to help, she focused on getting clients.

Bookkeeper Launch taught her several proven methods to do this.

One that helped Dorothy a lot was the LinkedIn Client Attraction System. Dorothy learned how to get attention by posting helpful blogs on LinkedIn. She also discovered how to start conversations with potential clients and get them to hire her.

Dorothy was relieved to learn she never had to be pushy or salesy. Instead, she simply had to build relationships, and people would naturally want to work with her.

“I reach out [on LinkedIn] and say, “Hey, I’m a business owner, too. How can we help each other?”

Then we might meet for coffee or talk about networking groups… you want to build a relationship first.”


Dorothy shares how she got her first client

“Oh, this is really a business!...”

In March of 2018, a little under a year after joining Bookkeeper Launch, someone found Dorothy on LinkedIn and asked to hire her.

This was huge. It proved to Dorothy that her business was legitimate.

A month later, she got another client through LinkedIn. And she hit her $500/month income goal.

By July of 2018, Dorothy’s clients were so happy with the work she was doing that they began to refer their friends to her.

“Getting my first client was big. It proved this is a real business, not just a hobby.”

Dorothy timeline

Dorothy shares how she hit her $500/month income goal

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

“I was scared of networking...”

Another big lesson Dorothy got through Bookkeeper Launch was how to get clients through networking.

Dorothy knew nothing about this when she started.

She was scared to do this at first. She went to her first networking event and was so nervous that when it came time to introduce herself, she spoke so softly nobody heard her.

But over time, she became more confident. She even became the Vice President of her local networking group and regularly speaks in front of large groups with confidence.

Having a clear niche (real estate agents) made it easy for people in her networking group to refer clients to her. So her businesses continued to grow.

“Networking was scary because I didn’t know what to expect… but it’s been very rewarding.”

dotorhy networking

Dorothy (in a tan jacket at the end of the table) at a local networking event


Dorothy talks about the importance of networking

“My clients came through LinkedIn, referrals, and networking…”

The combination of Linkedin and attending networking events helped Dorothy’s business explode.

After getting her first client in February 2018, she got another through LinkedIn the next month. Then three more in July (2 from referral and 1 through LinkedIn.)

A year later, by March of 2019, she was up to 10 clients. And by September 2019, about two and a half years after joining Bookkeeper Launch, she had 15.

Dorothy could have grown even faster, but she is picky about the client she takes on. She won’t work with anyone who comes along. Instead, she only takes on clients she knows she will enjoy working with.

“Look for someone you’ll do well with instead of [taking on] any and every client. Working with a bad client can be more of a problem than a solution. You may get a few dollars but it’s frustrating if it’s not a match.”

dorothy facebook

A client reaching out to Dorothy on LinkedIn to hire her

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

“I’m free to travel and work when I want…”

On average, Dorothy spends 25-35 hours a week on her bookkeeping business.

Since her business is virtual, she’s free to work whenever she wants and from wherever she wants.

So Dorothy is free to travel and be with her family. Every 6 weeks, she’ll take a little trip somewhere — including the Bahamas, a beach in Florida, or to Disneyworld to spend a weekend with her grandkids.

“My kids invited me to go to Disney with them and my grandkids… I went and got my work done at night.”

dorothy disney

Dorothy at Disney World with her family


Dorthy talks about how she is free to travel anytime

You have all these bookkeepers helping you...

Dorothy’s next plan is to get 10 more clients. She’s also setting up systems and hiring help so she doesn’t have to do so much work herself.

Dorothy is confident she’ll hit those goals because she has the Bookkeeper Launch course to fall back on. And if she ever has questions, she can turn to the Bookkeeper Launch community for help.

“The people in the [Bookkeeper Launch] Facebook group are invested in your success….

You may be in business yourself, but you’re not by yourself. All the tools and guidance you need is there.”


Dorothy shares how the Bookkeeper Launch community helped her.

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Dorothy now has total control over her income and schedule.

Bookkeeper Launch gave her the bookkeeping and business knowledge to make that happen.

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*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.