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Meet Ashley

The Childcare Provider Who Quit Her Job And Replaced Her Income By Starting A Virtual Bookkeeping Business



After four years as a childcare provider, Ashley needed a change. She wanted a job that was less stressful and would give her more time with her kids.

Using Bookkeeper Launch

The course increased her confidence in herself and her bookkeeping skills. And she discovered how to overcome her fears and land clients who love to work with her.


18 months after joining, Ashley earned enough to quit her job and do bookkeeping full-time. She’s now less stressed and is free to be with her kids anytime she wants.

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

“What am I going to do next?…”

After having her second son, Ashley quit her office job to work from home as a childcare provider.

She enjoyed it for a while. But after four years, she realized it wasn’t sustainable.

Her son was now in school. And she wanted the flexibility to go to school functions. So if his class had a “pumpkin carving day” or field trip, she could go in and be with him — not stuck at home watching someone else’s kid.

But she couldn’t just quit. She needed to replace her income because her family depended on it. As she says:

“Childcare was fun for a while, but I needed something I could do long term. Something where I could have the flexibility to be home and go to school functions, but also make money and have my own career.”


Ashley explains what it was like to go through Bookkeeper Launch

“The course made bookkeeping fun…”

After reading an article from The Penny Hoarder about bookkeeping, Ashley watched the free videos in the Bookkeeper Launch workshop.

By the end of that video series, she was hooked. She decided that starting a from-home bookkeeping business would give her the freedom, flexibility, and income she needed.

Ashley joined Bookkeeper Launch in January, 2018. She had no formal bookkeeping training, so she appreciated that the course didn’t just show her how to do bookkeeping — it also taught her the why behind everything she did.

This made it easier for her to understand bookkeeping. And it helped her gain confidence in her skills.

She also enjoyed how fun the training videos were. And she would watch them while her children napped or played.

“Ben is a hoot. And the classes are easy. It teaches you not only how to use Xero and Quickbooks, but it teaches you the “why” so you can do it on your own.”


Ashley explains what it was like to go through Bookkeeper Launch

“I was afraid I’d fail…”

Even though she loved the material in the Bookkeeper Launch videos, Ashley still doubted herself. She was afraid that if she got a client, she would make a mistake with their books.

On top of that, she’s an introvert. Just the thought of talking to clients terrified her.

But Bookkeeper Launch teaches you more than bookkeeping and business skills. It also has lessons on mindset and confidence.

For Ashley, the mindset lessons were some of the most helpful in the program. She learned how to overcome her fear and use it as motivation to take action.

“The motivational stuff in the course was excellent…

I had low self-esteem from a bad marriage… but everyone has issues. It’s okay to be scared and do it anyway.”


Ashley shares how the course helped her overcome her fears

“Getting my first client was scary...”

In August 2019, Ashley saw a post on Craigslist from someone looking for a bookkeeper.

She was still afraid she might fail. But she knew how to push through that fear. So she applied and used the interview material from Bookkeeper Launch to land the job.

Getting her first client was exciting but scary. There were times Ashley wasn’t sure what to do with her client’s books. When that happened, she was relieved that she could go back to the Bookkeeper Launch videos or ask the Bookkeeper Launch community for help.

Having this support system gave her the skills and confidence to do a great job for her client.

“I wasn’t confident in my bookkeeping at first… but once you do it everything starts to come together.”

Ashley website
Ashley’s website,

“I was afraid to talk to people…”

Once she started working with clients, Ashley knew she had the skills to help people.

However, she was still afraid of getting clients.

Ashley is an introvert. If she saw someone she knew at the grocery store she would hide to avoid conversation.

Through Bookkeeper Launch, she discovered a great way to get clients was to go to local networking events.

At first, she was terrified by this. She didn’t want to talk to people. And she certainly didn’t want to “sell” people on hiring her.

But Bookkeeper Launch gave her a simple plan to follow. Ashley didn’t have to “sell” anyone. Instead, she learned how she could simply build relationships and help people. And that would naturally lead to getting clients.

“I started going to small networking events and joined the local Chamber of Commerce.

It’s the best. People welcome me with open arms. They take me under their wing and say, “What kind of clients are you looking for?” Then they introduce me to them.”

Ashley netwroking

Ashley at a local networking event


Ashley shares how she overcame her fear of talking to people and networking

“You can’t keep going like this…”

Networking was just one of the strategies Ashley learned in Bookkeeper Launch for getting clients. She also learned how to get them online.

By combining these two strategies, her business began to grow.

She got her first client in August 2018. Then two more that September.

By July 2019, she was up to 6 clients.

During this time, Ashley was still working in her childcare business. Bookkeeping was merely a side-job.

But the childcare work was becoming more and more stressful. She found herself dreading those workdays.

Then, in August 2019, Ashley realized her bookkeeping income almost matched her childcare income. So she closed her childcare business to do bookkeeping full-time.

“Towards the end, the childcare business got stressful… I closed the doors in August and sat in my office thinking, “Ah, this is great.”

Ashley bbl journey

Ashley’s journey with Bookkeeper Launch


Ashley shares how her life improved after she closed her childcare business

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

“I can be there for my kids and husband...”

Closing her childcare business gave Ashley complete control over her schedule.

Now, if one of her children gets sick, she can take a week off to be with them. She doesn’t have to worry about losing money because she can make up the work another day.

She’s also free to go to school functions. When her son had a pumpkin carving day, she spent the afternoon at school with him.

“I missed out on a lot of school activities with my childcare business. It killed me. But now I can have lunch with my children, read to their class… it’s the best.

I’m able to be here for my kids and husband when I need to.”

Ashley kids scaled

Ashley with her two children.


Ashley shares how bookkeeping helps her spends more time with her kids.

“You helped me so much, you’re an angel…”

Ashley loves the freedom, flexibility, and income bookkeeping provides. But she also found several unexpected benefits. One being that she enjoys the work.

For Ashley, figuring out the numbers for a business is like putting a puzzle together. She gets excited when the numbers match up. And she loves how grateful her clients are for the work she does.

“I love helping people. Knowing I’m helping small business owners live their dreams gives me immense satisfaction.

“I did a big cleanup for a 72-year-old woman who runs a quilting retreat…everytime we talk she’s like, “You helped me so much, you’re an angel.”


Ashley shares how rewarding her job is.

“Don’t let fear run your life…”

Another unexpected benefit is that Ashley’s self-esteem is way higher than before. She can now walk into a room and confidently talk to people.

Finally, building a bookkeeping business has made something possible that she never saw coming: Ashley realized if she continues to grow her business, her husband will be able to quit his job and work with her from home.

This transformation is only possible because Ashley refused to give into her initial fears that she would fail.

“You have to put the fear aside and do the thing that scares you. You’ll be amazed at how well you do and happy you did it.”


Ashley shares advice for overcoming fear

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Bookkeeper Launch gave Ashley the confidence, skills, and roadmap to build a virtual bookkeeping business.

She now has complete control over her schedule and can spend as much time as she wants with her kids.

She’s also doing work that’s rewarding and provides the income her family needs.

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*Disclaimer: These results are not typical and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.