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Meet Ashley

“What am I going to do next?…” After having her second son, Ashley quit her office job to work from home as a childcare provider. She enjoyed it for a while. But after four years, she realized it wasn’t sustainable. Her son was now in school. And she wanted the flexibility to go to school […]

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Meet Dorothy

“My job went away…” Dorothy worked in a corporate job for four years. Her employees regularly told her she was “The best manager they ever had”. Despite being great at her job, she soon found herself unemployed. Her company moved to North Carolina. Since Dorothy didn’t want to move there, she had no choice but

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Meet Melodie

“I wanted more quality time with my children…” Melodie was a single mom with three young children. She worked at a hair salon — which left her physically and emotionally drained at the end of the day. By the time she got home from work, she was too tired to interact with her children. As

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Meet Heather

“I wanted to spend more time with my son…” It’s Monday morning. After breakfast with her family, Heather sits at the computer to work for two hours.  Then she, her husband, and their young son go out to do errands or eat lunch together. Afterward, she goes to the gym to workout. Then she sneaks

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