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Meet Liz

“I DIDN’T WANT A BUSINESS SELLING PRODUCTS TO FRIENDS” Liz is a stay-at-home mom with a 10-month old boy and a 2-year-old girl. She lives in Arizona with her husband who works as a pastor. She wanted to earn extra money so they could buy a home without going into debt. “My initial goal was …

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Meet Justin

“I NEEDED AN EXTRA $500/MONTH FOR DAYCARE” Justin lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 3 boys, ages 5, 4, and 1. He had moved into a bigger home (with a bigger mortgage) when he found out his wife was pregnant with their third child. “We looked at our finances and realized we wouldn’t be …

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Meet Brandy

“I HATED GOING TO THE OFFICE EVERY DAY” Brandy wasn’t happy at her job. She didn’t like being locked into to a 9-5 schedule. Or wasting an hour each day commuting to the office. Her dream was to live with her husband on a sailboat for months at time. But Brandy’s company wouldn’t allow it. …

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Meet Daniel

“I WANTED TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY WIFE” After a year serving overseas for the National Guard, Daniel came home to his wife. Sadly though, he barely got to see her. She was working 80 hours a week at a job she didn’t like, while he worked full-time as well. Plus Daniel had National …

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