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How To Make Money While You Sleep

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Being able to make money while you sleep is an essential skill for a high-earning lifestyle. I’ll go over 8 of the best methods for doing it below.

Note that I haven’t even included investments in stocks and financial funds, the most common ways to establish passive income.

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Why It’s Important to Make Money While You Sleep

Researchers have found that millionaires, on average, have seven streams of income. That is, their day job accounts for only a small part of what they’re making; the rest is made up of passive revenue streams. If you hope to join the upper-class ranks, you need to follow their lead by continuing in your career and, at the same time, adopting a few of the methods below.

8 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

Peer-to-Peer Lending

As with most items on this list, you need to have money to make money with this one.

There are sites where people can go to apply for loans without having to go through a bank. Those who apply generally do not qualify for traditional loans for whatever reason.

To gather funds for the loans, the sites “crowdsource” them. Anyone who wants to can contribute money to the loan via electronic payment, and they collect interest on their contribution whenever the agreed-upon term expires.

Just by letting someone else hold onto your money for a while, you can make a bundle of free money.


different types of coins present for cryptocurrency and a phone CA

I’m not a cryptocurrency expert, so I’m not qualified to offer advice. I know several people who are, though, and they are continually telling me how easy it is to make money by simply investing in a few highly-valued coins.

Just the other evening, one of them was showing me how he had recently bought a few pieces of “digital sushi,” apparently a new type of cryptocurrency. On his screen, we literally watched the value of the sushi tick up steadily. It only jumped up by a few cents every couple of seconds, but that’s not inconsiderable, considering you can leave it going while you sleep.

Again, I’m no expert. But working with a consultant who is to get set up with some currencies is a great way to make money while you sleep.

Publishing an eBook

Whatever you’re knowledgeable about, write a book about it. I don’t just mean something you happen to be a fan of; I mean something you’re an expert on, something even avid fans can learn from you about.

It doesn’t even need to be a marketable skill you’re writing about. As long as it’s something people want to learn about, from music theory to a popular video game.

Once you write, it’s easy nowadays to have the text cleaned up and published in an eBook format. And at that point, you can just wait for the book to sell, so you collect money.

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Drop-shipping is the practice of establishing an online store (usually on Shopify) and filling it up with listings that appear on other sites — with a slight markup in your shop. When orders for the items from your shop are placed, you order from the original seller and then ship them to the buyer for a slight profit.

It might sound a bit shady at first, but it’s just how capitalism works. It’s a drop-shipper’s job to make the item’s marketing more attractive than at any other online shop, and they can command higher prices because of it.

Set up an attractive drop-shipping store and get ready for the money to roll in with very little effort on your part.

Sell Affiliate Marketing

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If you have a website (which every business nowadays should definitely have), then why not place some paid ad banners on the site? They’re an excellent way to rake in income day and night, as long as other people are using the site and clicking on the ads once in a while.

If your worried ads will make your site look untrustworthy, stop worrying. You don’t want so many that the user experience is hindered, but just a few may actually make the site look more professional.

Buy a Low-Effort Business

f you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, buying a low-effort business, and hiring someone to run, it is a much better way of making passive income than a savings account.

Something like a laundromat, a carwash, or a hair salon is ideal since they are easy to run and receive profits quickly.

Invest in Foreign Property

Investing in US real estate is actually profitable over the long term. Still, many developing countries like Vietnam, Brazil, and Montenegro have much more lucrative (and short-term) property investment opportunities available.

There is some red tape to be navigated when it comes to buying property as a foreigner in other countries. Once you get through it, though, you can start to make money while you sleep as the property value shoots up over time.

Get a Rewards Program Credit Card

There are lots of credit cards that offer free benefits to people who buy things with the card. There is really no reason not to get one of the cards and reap the benefits. You won’t make money while you sleep, but you’ll make it while you shop. And that’s almost as good.

Here are some of the best rewards programs for 2020.

There are few feelings in the world as satisfying as watching money you made passively flow into your bank account. Utilize a few of the methods above to see how it feels.

Do you have any other favorite strategies to make money while you sleep? If so, let me know on Facebook!