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10 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

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Cloud computing is the new way of working in the internet age. Here are 10 benefits of cloud computing that will win you over if you’re not using it already.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the ability to view and modify data over the internet. That might mean that you are modifying a database that can be accessed by any authorized person with an internet connection, or it might be that you want to share your computer screen with someone else over the internet to make a presentation or even receive technical assistance.

Over 96% of people already use cloud computing in some form as part of their professional duties. It’s such a popular way to work that it has given birth to three gigantic industries: SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Here is an article that summarizes each cloud computing industry and provides examples of each.

Benefits of Cloud Computing


If your business does not operate in the cloud, that means you’re hosting your data on-site. Doing so is expensive because you need to keep the requisite hardware in good condition and hire an IT professional to perform maintenance.


Cloud computing companies make sure all the data stored on their servers are locked down tight. Keeping lots and lots of data is their business, after all, and keeping it safe is a priority.

In short, data security is tough to do right; best leave it to the experts.


If you keep your business’s data in one place, it can be wiped out in one fell swoop by hackers, natural disasters, or accidents.

If the data is backed up online, it’s next to impossible to lose. It basically exists in infinite places, so you’ll always be able to retrieve it.


With cloud computing, you and your employees can access and edit the business’s data from any internet-connected device. In other words, your company can take the step to mobile.

A study by TechRepublic showed mobile-enabled workforces are 67% more productive, which is a game-changer. Without that advantage, how are you supposed to compete with others who have it?

Client Accessibility

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Clients will also be able to view your business’s work if you’re in the cloud.

This has a whole host of benefits. It gives your existing clients peace of mind because they can see progress on their own projects. It also makes it much easier to attract new clients who prefer to work with cloud-enabled companies.

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Cloud-based software is incredible for collaboration. Employees can work on documents together from their respective computers, regardless of where they are. Many software allows real-time collaboration so employees can have the material loaded up at the same time and see the changes as they are implemented.


Larger cloud computing providers are run on the most cutting-edge equipment available, which means lightning-fast connections and transfer times. The systems are also kept up-to-date with the latest cloud computing software and updates. Improve data latency by jumping to the cloud.


On-site data centers are only so big and can only handle data from so many employees. If your business gets bigger, you’ll have to go through the hassle of upgrading your system, allocating physical space, hiring additional maintenance technicians, etc.

You can just visit your provider’s site and sign up for a bit of extra storage space if you use cloud computing. Simple as that.

Administrative Control

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If your business runs on the cloud, the business manager (or other authorized personnel) can view all the work being done, even by off-site employees.

When everyone is working offline, it’s near-impossible to make sure everyone is working correctly and efficiently. It’s also very hard to ensure uniformity as a company.

Third-Party Review

If your work is in the cloud, it’s easy to let experts review it anywhere in the world if given access. That’s huge because it will save you time and improve the quality of the work your company does.

Cloud computing during coronavirus

Using cloud computing to network your business is especially important nowadays since people aren’t keen on leaving the house during COVID. Even once companies start reopening, many cautious employees will feel more comfortable continuing to work from home for a while just to be safe. Cloud computing makes a team of employees working from their respective homes feel connected as if they were all in the same office.

Again, most companies already make some use of cloud computing… but not enough. Team managers should do due diligence by educating themselves about the full extent of cloud computing’s benefit. The points summarized above are a good starting point.