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How To Get More Sales For Your e-Commerce Business

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How To Get More Sales For Your eCommerce Business

If you want to get more sales from your e-commerce store, setting up a store is not enough. You need to generate sales cleverly and market your store using specific tactics. This post will give you ideas and tips on how to get more sales for your e-commerce business.

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In this article:

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. Upselling
  3. Make the Buying Process Simple
  4. Email Marketing

Get More Sales: Ideas and Tips

Paid Traffic

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Spending small amounts of money on paid traffic, around $50 each time, is a good way to start testing your campaigns will work. There’s no point spending large amounts of cash to realize then paid traffic isn’t for you.

You’re not always going to get it right the first time. If one campaign doesn’t work, that’s ok; you can move onto another one. Experiment to get optimal results.

Have a multitude of ad campaigns and monitor which ones work best and bring in the most traffic. When you work out which ones work the best, spend more money on those.

Establish who your target customers are so that your ads go to the right people. This should get more sales for your business. If you need more information about your client base, consider sending out customer surveys.

Ad platforms can include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each one will have its own inner workings.


According to Twitter, “people spend 26 percent more time viewing ads on Twitter than on other leading platforms”. You can easily follow the instructions on their site to set up ads and create new ad campaigns. Make sure your website works on mobile devices. Adjust the target audience to suit your business and set up keywords that fit with your products.

Customers respond well to discounts and coupons, so consider how you compose your tweets and your call to action.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, so ads for both are done within Facebook Ads.

The “Custom Audience” function means that your ads will be targeted to new customers but those that have similar traits. This means you have some of the work done for you, your ads are being shown to the right people and hopefully get more sales for your business.

Facebook Pixel helps create ad campaigns geared toward niche target audiences.

Remarketing (or retargeting) to people who have already shown an interest in your site is an excellent option to get more sales. Customers have shown an interest but just didn’t take action at the time.

For Instagram, the images you use work differently, so spend a little time getting to know the differences on each site.


You can increase your average order value by implementing upsells. When customers are buying basic things from your website, you can lead them to customized or upgraded versions instead.

Ideas to adopt:

  • Showcase the next best model or item you sell. 
  • Display other products that go well with the items in the shopping cart.
  • Entice people to check out other goods or services.
  • Show ratings and reviews for other products.
  • Provide discounts for multiple items.

Make sure your website upgrade option is not too technical for your customers and get website building help if you need to.

Make the Buying Process Simple

Allow people to buy things without having to sign up or register. This has shown to get more sales for businesses as people are put off by registering.

Have the option of “guest checkout” so shoppers can register after the purchase to make it easier for the next time.

Decrease the number of fields that have to be completed – only go for the bare minimum. Also, add features to help people fill out the “necessary” fields. For example, a zipcode lookup, or “use same address as billing address” option.

Email Marketing

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You can get more sales by using email marketing, from existing customers and new ones. If you want to attract new sources, you can try running a giveaway or pay for data.

Then you must generate sales from those emails by having the best email content that attracts customers to buy. Cross-sell products that complement what previous customers have purchased. For example, if they purchased a necklace, offer the matching earrings. Look to send out your emails a few days after the original purchase, but no more than a few weeks.

You can also target seasonal events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day., and don’t forget to send out emails about discounts and sales.

So that’s how you can get more sales for your e-commerce business using paid traffic, upselling, email marketing, and making the buying process more straightforward. There are many more ways to get more sales, but hopefully, this blog gives you some ideas and tips to start.


How do you get more sales for your business? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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