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The #1 Mastermind for Bookkeeping Entreprenuers


What is Bookkeeper Elite?

What happens in Elite, stays in Elite. If we told you what we were, we’d spoil the awesome surprise that awaits you.

What we can tell you is that this is first and foremost a MASTERMIND of Bookkeeping ENTREPRENEURS.  By “Entrepreneur”, we mean you could leave your business for three months and all the day-to-day client deliverables would be done. 

Membership is by application only as we want to make you that you’re an excellent fit. We cap membership at 100 and have a waiting list beyond that. 

If you’re ready to create your own Mini-Empire, apply now.

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What’s Inside Bookkeeper Elite?

The Mastermind

Up to 99 fellow Members. All vetted before being let in. Only the best of the best. Welcome to Top Gun Maverick. 

Four Annual Meetups

Physical meetups with the Mastermind. Each meetup has a specific theme in terms of content. But, the real beauty lies in the other people in the room: your peers, the instructors and the guest speakers. 

Ultra-Advanced Strategies + Tactics

All of it focused on building your business. This includes building a solid team, creating a baller Value Proposition and delivering a world-class experience to your clients. 

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The #1 Mastermind for
Bookkeeping Entreprenuers

Ready to build your own Bookkeeping Mini-Empire? Then you need this.
Become a part of the Elite troop of Entrepreneurs.