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Take your bookkeeping business to the next level with
Bookkeeping Biz Challenge

Congratulations! You're a VIP!

STEP 1: Watch the video below.

STEP 2: Check your email

Please check your email for TWO confirmation emails with subject lines:

“Welcome to the Bookkeeping Biz Challenge!” and
“Congrats! You’re a VIP!”

These emails will contain all of the information you need to access your Bookkeeping Biz Challenge “goodies”! 

The emails should be delivered within the next 5 minutes.

If you have not received the emails within 5 minutes, please search your inbox for an email from [email protected]

If you still don’t see any email, please check your SPAM folder. Sometimes emails end up there when you receive an email from a new address.

If you have followed steps 1 & 2 and you still do not see your welcome email, please contact our Student Success Team by sending an email to: [email protected], or call us at 1-678-541-8000.

Please note: our office hours are 9am – 5pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. If you are having an issue outside of these times we will respond to you the first chance we get. logo