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What is Bookkeeper Lab?

Bookkeeper Lab is an advanced, exclusive community of 21st Century Bookkeeping Professionals. Everyone here is interested in growing their business…

…and not just any kind of growth. Great growth: serving quality clients, advancing their skills to become a highly-valued advisor. This ain’t no place for pencil-pushers, “that’s the way I’ve always done it”, green-sheets are awesome, 20th century bookkeepers. 

Also, this is the place to be for high-quality content relating to growing and optimizing your bookkeeping business. 


What’s Inside Bookkeeper Lab?

Exclusive Community

Every professional is here for one thing: growth. Some are ahead of you. Some are behind you. Regardless, the collaboration and sense of belonging is powerful. It’s been said that two heads are better than one. How about 2,000 heads? 

Advanced Actionable Content

Forget debits and credits. This is about how you recruit, hire, onboard and retain top talent. How to create an automated marketing funnel that brings you PRE-qualified leads. It’s how to document, improve and optimize your processes. No one else is teaching what works. 

Office Hours

Twice a month join us as we do deep-dives into what’s working now: new opportunities, new technology, best practices, and exclusive interviews with experts who know their stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Qualify for Lab?

    To qualify for Bookkeeper Lab you need, at a minimum, five clients. You should also be someone who wants to grow their practice.

  • Does Lab Content Focus on Skills?

    A little bit; but not a lot. While we do deep dives into the financial statements, analysis and the like, we do NOT do software training. The Lab Community is focused on building businesses...real ones that take you out of the day-to-day ops.

  • How Much Does Lab Cost?

    One million dollars (insert Dr. Evil laugh here). It's $49 a month or $499 when you pay annually.

  • What if I Can't Attend Office Hours Live?

    You're screwed! Haha...just kidding. We record everything and make it available to you inside your Command Center.

  • Where is the Community Hosted?

    Facebook. Right after you join Lab, you'll get an invitation to become a member of this exclusive community.

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