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Some of what you get as a VIP:

"green room" access

Get access 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after each call. During this time, YOU can ask me (Ben) anything. You have my undivided attention as this is limited to just a handful of women and men.

backstage access pass

As if the extra hour each day wasn't enough, you get to see behind-the-scenes of the Challenge. You get access to additional resources that we've never shared before. Don't miss this!

bonus class day

As a VIP, you get an extra day of classes on July 25th. We are going to help you get matched with a "buddy" during this time. Remember, you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

interview with my mentor

Hear from my Mentor and business partner Perry Belcher. Perry has launched and sold lots of businesses. He's also responsible for more than a billion dollars in sales. He's my go-to guy.

access to recordings

You can re-watch any of the classes for as long as you want as a VIP. With regular attendance, the recordings will be removed shortly after the Challenge. But you get to access them on-demand.

surprise vip only bonus

This I'm not going to reveal here. I will only say that it's something that you want if you're going to build a business that supports your life.